File Download ActiveX 3.01

Gives you an extra option for downloading, makes it easier to access certain files on the internet

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

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File Download ActiveX 3.01
File Download ActiveX 3.0.27

ActiveX Download Control is an object that developers can embed in their own programs.

ActiveX Download Control is a free ActiveX control that can programmers can integrate into their own programs. This is not a standalone program. Think of it as an object that contains logic. A programmer can reference that object in code or even drop it onto a Window in a visual manner in order to add the contained logic in their own program. Such an approach is one of the powerful aspects of code reusability. If someone has invented the wheel, there’s no need to reinvent it.

The logic that ActiveX Download Control provides is a full-featured download manager. Download managers make it simple for users not to just download files but to pause, resume, download faster and more. ActiveX Download Control does all of this. Files are downloaded in segments. Corrupted pieces can be easily replaced, and if a server supports multiple concurrent connections, those additional connections can be used to maximize download speeds.

Via the ActiveX Download Control, users can create batches and schedule downloads. During a download, users have access to a range of useful information, such as total size, current speed, average speed, remaining time and so forth. Add new files to the queue while the control works. Pause, resume and cancel at will, and you can even prioritize files in the queue.

The ActiveX Download Control is also completely customizable to your particular scenario. If you’ve created a program for accessing resources on your server, for instance, the control can be limited to that scenario. The control also comes with a full-blown user interface. That interface has been designed using standard Windows controls, so it should update and scale accordingly. For custom UIs, you can design your own, and then, link those UI controls to the embedded logic.

The ActiveX Download Control is no longer actively developed or supported. The final release is stable and can still be used in a royalty-free manner. Note, however, that ActiveX is in general deprecated. Other solutions are preferred particularly when you’re developing a modern application. Nevertheless, it’s still a viable option, but you may have to jump through some additional hoops for it to work with Windows 10.


  • Free ActiveX control
  • Full-featured download manager


  • No official Windows 10 support

ActiveX Download Control is a download manager used to download files from the Internet. With the use of ActiveX Download Control, downloads from the internet and the intranet are quicker and safer. The download manager speeds up the downloading process by splitting each file into different segments, which are then downloaded in separate threads at the same time.

One of the best things about using ActiveX Download Control to download files from the internet is that losing connection to the internet will not make you have to start downloading the file from the beginning. The program allows you to resume your download where you left off once the internet connection is reestablished.

The ActiveX Download Control file is easy to download and install onto any Windows based computer. The program file is really small, so it won't take up much space on your hard drive. ActiveX Download Control also runs smoothly without slowing down your computer. ActiveX Download Control is available for Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Once the Download Control is downloaded and installed on your computer, it is easy to use to start downloading all of your files. The downloaded files will automatically start downloading using the ActiveX Download Control file manager. Once a download has started, you will be able to pause your download, quit the download, and view the total size of the file. You will also be able to see how fast the files are being downloaded and an expected amount of time remaining until the file i s downloaded. In the download manager, you can also add a new file to download by simply pointing on a URL where the file you wish to download is located.

While using the program, you will never need to worry about losing your download once you have started it. All major protocols are supported including HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, and Secure FTP/FTPS. The program also supports all proxy servers, making it easy to download any file that you may want or need to download without any trouble. ActiveX Download Control is a useful tool to help you download files quickly and protects against losing files because of internet connection issues and other problems that may be encountered.


  • Downloads files quickly and safely
  • Splits files into different segments to download quicker
  • Supports all major protocols and proxy servers
  • Protects against internet connection issues
  • Can pause and resume downloads at any time
  • Easy to add files to download
  • Works on Windows XP and newer
  • Small program file downloads quickly
  • Doesn’t use many system resources
  • Window allows you to view current downloads
  • View file size, download speeds, and time remaining


  • May ask you to pay after a few downloads
  • Program lacks some features
  • Some downloads may take a while to finish

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